New Zealand has won the World and England has the Cup

New Zealand vs England final 2019 CWC

       New Zealand has won the World, and England has the Cup. Well, it has been the story of the 2019 cricket World Cup final, which was played between England and New Zealand at the Lords cricket stadium London, yesterday. It was a final full of dramatic scenes, probably the best of all. In the end, it was a tie which then went on to the super over, and who would have thought that the super over would also result as a tie. England then won by having scored the maximum number of boundaries.

New Zealand has won the World and England has the Cup

New Zealand had to face hard luck in the final. They were flawless in their fielding and bowling, except on a few rare occasions. But it is sad to accept that they fought well and lost just because of their bad luck. Hats off to their effort and especially to Kane Williamson, who led his team to the final with great wit and courage. It would be a great disappointment for him to lose in such a way. But the fact is, he proved himself as the greatest skipper in the world right now. The way he led his team to the victory in the semi-final and the way he led his team in the final really proves himself as a true warrior. Controlling one’s nerves and emotions under pressure on such big occasions is, of course, the toughest job, and if it was on the performance of both the teams, New Zealand would have been the Champions last evening. But unfortunately, it was England’s day, who for the first time in the history of cricket has won a world cup.

          England had been the most favorite team for winning this world cup and they proved it yesterday. It resulted from their hard work and the brand of cricket they had been playing for the last couple of years. They had played with a fearless approach throughout the tournament and in the recent past. They really deserve to be appreciated for their aggressive mindsets and skillful sportsmanship, for which they totally revamped their cricket under the captaincy of great Eoin Morgan. Yes, what a cricketer he has been and what a skipper he has turned out to be for England, totally astonishing. At last, it was a magnificent piece of cricket for cricket lovers. The event inspired all and left some sad memories. Many dreams were fulfilled, and many were shattered.  

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