Outdated Belief System

We are deceived by some outdated belief systems. We've always been prone to falling into the hands of people endorsing such outdated belief systems.

Change is inevitable, but also the toughest thing. It’s hard to welcome an idea that doesn’t align with your preconditioned belief system, no matter how innovative or logical it is. Like, people in our society have certain limiting beliefs, which are instilled in their minds through cultural grooming, incorrect knowledge imparted by an outdated education system, and through religious fanatics. Our region has ever been run by an elite class, which completely falsified and misinterpreted the minds of people in the form of a continuous “state-propaganda”.

It has been a tough life for me to see the people obsessed with the same “community”, which ruins their country, and generations after generations. And you know what the irony is? Whenever you try to educate them, they will more likely to blame you for betrayal and treason, and it’s not an enormous deal for them to even kill you. There is no concept of critical or logical thinking, even in the majority of the so-called, ‘educated people’. This had been the most disturbing thing ever in my life. I would not go into the details of how the elite have ruined our society by merely producing the fools, religious extremists, misinformed people, who are destroying themselves. Rather, it urged me to know why they don’t acknowledge their saviors?

Outdated Belief System

And it left me in the realization that it’s very hard for human beings (especially those with weak psychological mindsets) to acknowledge the truth, to absorb the ideas which don’t align with their conditioned minds. It’s a tough job to unlearn the “false-learned”. Someone who has the experience of such an unlearning process would better understand what I am pointing at. People who don’t think critically are the most vulnerable of possessing wrong and limiting beliefs hard to give up.

The Neuroscientific Investigation of Belief

            In 2008, Sam Harris, at the University of California, Los Angeles, put people into a brain scanner and asked them if they believed in many statements or not. Some of them were facts like “California is larger than Rhode Island”; others were a matter of belief, such as “There is probably no God”.

            Harris found that statements people believed to be true produced a distinctive brain activity- just a slight spark in regions associated with reasoning and emotional reward. However, disbelief produced longer and stronger activation in the regions of deliberation and decision-making, as the brain had to work hard to reach a state of disbelief. Harris reports were broadly construed as further confirmation that the default state of the brain is to accept.

            I have seen people accepting different information trickling to them through social media if it satisfies their conditioned mentality without ever trying to analyze it based on facts and logic. This is the predominant feature of our society. We are ingrained with many false beliefs and thus continue to spend the whole of our life under the shadow of those beliefs, considering ourselves as the only truth and logic existing in the world. Such an uncritical attitude doesn’t allow our minds to be creative enough to generate new ideas. They say when knowledge dwells in one’s mind it instantly eradicates two things- belief and arrogance and gives birth to two things- doubt and humbleness.

We are living in a society with an outdated belief system that cannot promote a healthy debate, which can awaken the conscience of people and put an end to their false feelings of pride. We are emotional people who are always deceived by some outdated ideas. Although we consider the human intellect to be a rare gift of nature, we are never in favor of using it. Going against the traditions is considered a crime in our country, and knowledge that exposes our negative attitudes falls into the category of disbelief. We acknowledge our failures but hate those who reveal the causes of those failures. We also want to make progress, but don't want to break the very chains that have kept us bound. That is how devastated we are.

Note: The purpose of this article is not to offend anyone. I have no right to shake anyone's sleeping conscience. However, if someone still finds annoyance to read all of this, then he should read the above document of Sam Harris once again. Who knows, maybe he is suffering from the same disease mentioned above. 

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  1. Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals & character is superior to the man who tries to teach & train others.
    Hazrat Ali ibn Abu-Talib