Connecting The Dots

The theory of Steve Jobs; “Connecting the Dots” has influenced much of my life’s perseverations.By connecting the dots means: just look into the past

The theory of Steve Jobs; “Connecting the Dots” has influenced much of my life’s perseverations. The past seems to be a bore for many of us since it is the place where most of our insecurities dwell. But one’s life purpose exists in the very events of the past that seem to be purposeless to him.  With each passing day, “connecting the dots” makes more and more sense to me. In the beginning, I used to be nervous about the confusion and discomfort life had brought to me. But as time went on, I began to realize that there was more to life in those moments than mere confusion. I haven’t cracked fully the accurate version of my life, but the blurriness has started removing, and I can see things more clearly now than ever before.

      As Steve Jobs said: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” 

Connecting The Dots

How to connect the dots?

By connecting the dots means: just look into the past events, make a note of every instant coming to your thoughts. Don’t judge any event or draw conclusions from it. Just make a list and you will find some rhythm, maybe a connecting stream in those moments. There might be an event influencing a successive one. You might have been forced to go to a party and there you met the person who turned out to be your future life partner. That’s how unpredictable every incident is. But seeing those events in a larger perspective enables one to comprehend his/her true meanings of life. Well, Jeff Goins has explained this whole phenomenon discussed above in his famous book; “The Art of Work”.

If you are doing what everyone else is doing out there, you may end up doing the same boring things without ever finding accomplishment or satisfaction. Dude! you were not meant to do what everyone else was doing. That is the tricky part of life, and it takes time to understand what was needed of you.  The God, or maybe nature or whatever you like to call it made you a completely different person, and if you are not trying to acknowledge what individuality of character is that for which you are born, you are wasting your time__ friend, and that’s not worth it.

I know your past had been harsh to you most of the time. And it’s worth appreciating that you survived all those mishaps, failures, tragedies, and betrayals. You had trouble dealing with people, professions, and relationships. You’ve walked alone. But that's life, my friend. People will kill you and bury you under the ground. I do not mean your actual death here. But the death is of your beliefs in people and your deep attachments with them. That makes you separate good attachments out of bad. You shouldn’t lose hope rather, each time adversity takes place, you count it as a dot which is later going to help you connect it with previous ones and complete your puzzle of life.

An American author and educationist Parker Palmer once said: “Don’t just tell your life what you want to do with it; listen to what it wants to do with you.”

Nothing useless has happened in your past. I can relate it with some of my university fellows; who after spending four years in their respective graduate programs realize that their degree is useless; for it has no connection to the practical life they wanted to pursue. I rather question them if this very realization could be emanating out of those four years of education and training? I believe nothing happens without any purpose. It depends upon us how do we acknowledge the importance of our experiences and how do we align it with our “meaning”. This could be another dot factor in “connecting the dots” theory and maybe the most impactful of all.

         Even if you can’t understand this theory of “connecting the dots’ for some obvious reasons, you can look around and find people who have definite ‘meanings’ in their lives and pursuing what they believe they are meant to do. There could have been many examples of this idea, and I could explain it in more detail. But I am not trying to make it extensive for you. That was an average attempt from my side to explain such a good idea. I would like to get feedback from my readers; how did you get the “connecting the dots” theory? And if you find this blog appealing to your senses and imagination, let me know. I would welcome to understand what you got through it or maybe someone could come with a better understanding of it.

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