Ben Stokes: From a Villain in 2016 to a Hero in 2019

Ben Stokes revolutionized his approach towards cricket and turned out to be a hero in the 2019 World Cup from being a villain of the 2016 World Cup.

            I don't consider myself of having an expert opinion on cricket, as I've confessed earlier. But sometimes I have to write when it comes to some real heroes of this game. Ben Stokes must have to be one of them for today's talk. I still remember the night of the 2016 T20 World Cup final—those last four deliveries of Ben Stokes—hammered by Carlos Brathwaite for huge sixes could have brought an end to Stokes career. Everyone was feeling sorry for the poor Stokes, for he couldn’t believe what had happened to him. “Sunday was the lowest emotional feeling I’ve probably felt on a cricket field. I didn’t really want to move off that square of grass where I was holding my face”, said Ben Stokes later in an interview.

Meanwhile, when Brathwaite hit the four consecutive sixes, Ian Bishop was booming in the commentary box—Carlos Brathwaite—Remember the name! He expected that a legend had been born who had a long flourishing career ahead. But Brathwaite couldn’t match that height of performance later in his career and averages pretty normal in all formats of the game. However, it was Ben Stokes who turned out to be a legend from such ruins.

Ben Stokes: A Villain in 2016 and a Hero in 2019

Who can forget the night three years later—when Ben Stokes was fighting with bravery and resilience—all for his team’s victory in the final of the 2019 ODI World Cup? His team was in all sorts of trouble while he stood there till the end and earned the victory for his team. That really has been an inspirational recovery from what had happened in Calcutta three years ago. Ben Stokes is a Superhuman like his skipper Eoin Morgan said in the post-match press conference. There had been several occasions where Ben Stokes proved himself to be the best all-rounder of the world prior to the final of 2019. However, this was the best of the lot. It didn’t end up there as of August 25, 2019, Ben came with the famous Ashes innings at Headingley test where he single-handedly won the test for England. It was termed as the greatest test match ever played and the men’s best innings of the decade. England was chasing 359 on the last day of the test. The wickets kept falling and England were 9 down on 286 while Ben Stokes kept standing on the other end—made a last-wicket partnership of 77 runs to win the match. He ditched 135 runs in that famous inning. 

Mitchell Johnson, the former Aussies star bowler, said that the innings of Ben Stokes shocked him—the condition in which his team was at the time he moved to the crease was terrible. Some of the shots he played were out of this world. Shoaib Akhtar, World's fastest bowler, said: “We were not yet out of Ben Stokes' World Cup innings and he surprised us all with another astonishing feat.”

Ben stokes has not only been an excellent addition to the England cricket team but also to world cricket as he got praise and applause all around the globe. He is an inspiration to the youngsters and living the dreams of millions. He revolutionized his approach towards cricket and turned out to be a hero in the 2019 World Cupfrom being a villain of the 2016 World Cup. There are already several achievements to his name for his country, and he is yet to achieve many more. The world has so many talented and record holder cricketers, but there are a few who have done miracles for their countries, and Ben Stokes is one of them.

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