Good-to-Great: An Example of Great Leaders

I’ve used the term "good-to-great" for all of three; this book, the good-to-great companies, and their CEOs or leaders. "Good-to-Great" is one of the

 Jim Collins's book, “Good-to-Great” is one of the books, very close to my heart. It is a well-researched and scientific book ever written about the companies that have transformed from being good to great. The entire book is worth reading; however, I just want to share the summary of a few excerpts from this book, which share the crux of the whole research. And I hope these few paragraphs are surely gonna propel you to read good-to-great. I bet this book is going to revolutionize your whole thinking paradigm and may force you to follow its instructions.

Jim says, "I spent a few days at an executive conference in Hong Kong with a senior Gillette executive and his wife. During our conversation, I asked them if they considered that the most responsible for the greater transition of Gillette from good-to-great was the glorious life of CEO Colman Mockler. They told me that Coleman's life revolved around three great loves: his family, Harvard, and Gillette. Even in the darkest and most extreme moments of the crisis of the 1980s, and despite the growing global nature of the Gillette business, Mockler maintained a remarkable balance in his life. He did not knowingly reduce the time he spent with his family, he rarely worked nights or weekends. He disciplined his ways of worship. He continued to serve on the board of directors of Harvard College.

Good-to-Great: An Example of Great Leaders

When Jim asked how Mockler did it all, the executive said, "Oh, it wasn't really that difficult for him. He had to gather the right people around him and put the right people in the right places," i.e. putting square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes. He was so good at standing that he didn't have to be around. All-day and night.  It was Coleman's secret to success and balance. The executive explained he had the same possibility for meeting Coleman in the office as to meet him in the hardware store. Coleman was doing some stuff all the time, and it was his way to keep him relaxed, too. The executive's wife added, "When Coleman died and when we all went to the funeral, I looked around and realized how much love there was in the room. This was the man who spent almost all of his waking hours with those who loved him, loved what they were doing, and who loved each other: at work, at home, in their charitable work, wherever.”

Such a statement about Mockler brought on him (Jim) a complete silence. He further added, there was something unique in those great leaders which couldn't have been found in any other personality. In another instance, Jim Collins says that at the end of his interview with George Weissman of 'Philip Morris', he commented to George that the way you talk about your company, it seems like you are talking about a love affair. On which the great Weissman smiled and said that besides his marriage, it was the only passionate love of his life.

            Weissman and many of his executive colleagues kept on coming to their offices at Philip Morris, long after their retirements.

Jim Collins says that the great team members have a lifelong friendship. Most times, they remained in contact with each other even after the decades of their retirements. It surprised him to hear them talk about the age of transition because it didn't matter how dark the days were or how hard the work was, they just had fun! They enjoyed each other's company and were really looking forward to the meetings. Many executives described their years in the best teams as the highlight of their lives.

According to the writer, the understanding of the "who first" idea can be the closest link between a great company and a glorious life. It doesn’t matter what we do, rather what matters is with whom we do it. If we have the right people around us whom we love and enjoy being in their company, then our lives could be wonderful; despite what we do and how difficult is it.

These were the few passages of this book that I extremely wished to share with my readers. Previously, I continued to write the whole summary of the books I read. The idea of sharing a few excerpts this time was, I wanted to explore several useful and scientific aspects of this book. So, I would love my readers' feedback, and if you people really like this blog please let me know, and I would come up with some more worth reading excerpts from "Good-to-Great". Keep reading my blogs and also keep them sharing with your friends.

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