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If life has gone hard for you and you are in search of self-help suggestions and content like that, you have landed in the right place. This website presents you with the most valuable content in terms of different book reviews, inspirational/informative blogs, and my personal experiences based on memoirs. Life is Hard is my inspiration, the voice of my conscience, and the way I look at this world and aspire it to be. I have an unorthodox reflection of the world. I believe in technological advances in the world, but if the world was a little less developed and human values were alive in it, it would have been wonderful. I feel sympathy for those who are continuously raging billions to just build their empires. We have not yet fully developed from the Stone Age. I believe the day of our complete evolution would be when the architects of this world will build technology, not to raise a few billionaires, but for the sake of billions. I am a continuous struggler but believe me despite having failures; I love to be a struggler. Struggling has its own aroma of tranquility, no matter how much life is hard for you, and shows that you are playing your part.

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